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Faculty and staff can make or break a class and influence students’ overall performance. When coming to college, it was difficult to decide on a major since I had limited exposure.  Upon entering Daniels College of Business, I recognized a field of potential interest, however it was not until taking the Introduction to Hospitality Management that I found a career path that was a perfect fit for me.  Throughout my years at the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management, I can honestly say the support from faculty has strongly shaped my personal growth and passion for the industry.

I have never enjoyed classes where I am just “another” student and the professor does not know me, or let alone know my name.  In the hospitality school, faculty know each student by name but also make an effort to get to know students on a more personal level.  David Corsun, the Director of Fritz Knoebel, is an extremely busy man, yet still knows each student by name.  There have been multiple occasions where Dr. Corsun is in the hospitality coffee shop Beans, and will sit and just talk to students.  This strong level of genuine interest provides an environment for success and a more personal learning experience.

Along with the professors’ support, Fritz Knoebel has a personal academic advisor to reinforce the school’s commitment to its students.  Lauren Sepulveda is the hospitality exclusive academic advisor, who assists us in planning our course schedules, figuring out minors, and deals with the stresses of registration week.  Amidst it all, Lauren remains calm and is always available to counsel students, even if it is just to listen to students complain about classes they were unable to get into.

Additionally, the hospitality school has an unbelievable commitment to preparing students for future careers.  Every year, our career director and project coordinator, Jill Hartman and Dee Jay Driver, plan a massive hospitality career fair which allows students networking with employers and potential job opportunities with companies.  The event has over 30 companies who attend and want to meet DU Hospitality Management students.  Jill and Dee Jay’s commitment and desire for students’ success goes above and beyond and makes students feel reassured and prepared for the future.

Although many faculty and staff members went unmentioned, without all their immense amount of support and knowledge of the industry, Fritz Knoebel would not be the same.  Studying in an environment promoting success makes a difference in students’ performance.  I can honestly say I am forever proud to say I studied at Fritz Knoebel under such inspirational faculty and staff.