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When Matthias Malojer decided to earn a master’s in marketing, the Austrian native looked no further than the Daniels College of Business. He was attracted by the College’s reputation, its exciting curricula and its proximity to the mountains. He got all this and much, much more. Before Malojer exits Daniels—he’s among the anticipated 80 students who will mark the completion of their graduate education at the Winter Academic Hood Ceremony this Friday, March 9, at The Cable Center—we got his take on how Daniels has prepared him for success, the power of community and the beauty of exploring the back bowls.

Q: Why did you choose Daniels for your master’s in marketing? What about the program attracted you?
A: I chose Daniels for a few reasons: I was looking for a great business school in Colorado close to the mountains—I love the outdoors, hiking, skiing, biking and fly fishing—that offered a master’s program in marketing with digital marketing courses in its curriculum. Daniels seemed to be the perfect fit with its proximity to the mountains, many exciting digital marketing courses, small class sizes and great reputation.

Q: What about the program did you find most valuable?
A: The small class sizes, which allowed our cohort to transition from being simply classmates to great friends. This sense of community is invaluable and allowed us to greatly grow our professional networks while making amazing friends. On top of that, all the group projects offered great opportunities to acquire new skills, learn more about different industries and network with business professionals in the process.

Q: What are your plans following graduation?
A: Currently, I’m applying to marketing jobs in the tech sector in both the U.S. and back home in Europe.

Q: How has Daniels helped prepare you for success in your career?
A: I believe having the opportunity to work with real life clients on challenging projects, from startups to multi-billion dollar corporations, was very valuable and certainly helped me prepare for the real world. Furthermore, all the professional development activities that were part of MKTG 4999 Marketing Assessment, from panel discussions with alumni to mock interviews and elevator pitch practices, allowed me to grow professionally and to not only find a job, but to succeed in it. Daniels also offered many extracurricular activities that proved valuable, from hosting meetings of the Colorado branch of the American Marketing Association to company visits, all of which gave us opportunities to learn about different industries and the challenges they face, and to network with professionals.

Q: What inspires and motivates you?
A: I believe hard work and dedication opens up so many doors giving you huge freedom. When I ski, I want to be good at it, because if I’m not, I’ll only be able to ski the lower mountain, without ever being able to explore the back bowls. Working hard at school (along with some luck) gives you more employment options and opens up so many more opportunities than you’d have otherwise. This freedom is what inspires and motivates me.

The 2018 Daniels College of Business Winter Academic Hood Ceremony for master’s degree candidates is this Friday, March 9, at 4:30 p.m. at The Cable Center.