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Since pursuing a degree is no longer enough to make you stand out from the crowd of applicants, it is important to take additional steps to ensure your future success in your chosen career. Along with pursuing your university education, you need to engage in action-based, hands-on learning experiences with real companies. The good news is that you don’t have to do this alone. At the University of Denver, career experts have put a lot of thought into helping you learn, grow and ultimately succeed in your career.

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Textbook Learning Is Not Enough

Some students really thrive on textbook learning. A well-written textbook can help you understand a complicated topic in a short amount of time. That being said, we do not believe textbooks, lectures, and coursework are enough to help you master a subject. That’s why learning at Daniels College of Business includes many other types of professional experiences.

Hands-On Learning Is Essential

By now, everyone recognizes that “learning by doing” often trumps textbook learning. While you can certainly memorize specific processes after studying them, you won’t become proficient until you have put your knowledge into action. And if you want to succeed in the business world, you need to learn how to work in a team and how to solve real problems. There are different ways to incorporate active learning into your curriculum. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to stretch yourself and grow.

smiling female boss talking to business teamYou Can Solve Real Problems

Even as a student, you can already make an impact by solving real problems. Instead of relying on a fictitious company like Acme Corporation that sells widgets, we’ll connect you with real companies throughout your time at school. The great thing about this is that real problems are not always as easy to solve as textbook problems. After all, a real problem will require you to apply different things you’ve learned, and it will also require you to stretch yourself a little.

You may end up working on a consulting project, social capital projects, or data analytics projects with a local business or an overseas company. We believe that providing you with real-world projects will make studying and learning more fun and the results–much more rewarding.

You Can Create a Real Product

As part of the Gateway to Business class, undergraduate students get to compete in the Madden Challenge. Even though only one team can win, every participant gains from the experience of creating an actual business plan and application. Real learning is going on the entire time. For example, instead of randomly putting teams together, students are given a personality and learning styles test. Since the results are available to every student, it becomes easier to build a diverse team that can still work well together. And alongside learning how to build a business plan, students are also taught app-prototyping tools. Learning does not get more real than that.

重要な会議を行っている重役Show Us What You’re Made Of

We don’t ask you to wait to show off what you can do until after you manage to land a job. Instead, we encourage you to show the world what you are made of while you’re enrolled at Daniels. To that end, we offer different case competitions throughout the year that allow you to apply what you have learned to real-world problems. During this time, you can interact with business executives from the participating companies. This may even lead to the type of internship or job position you have been looking for.

Find Yourself a Mentor

Through all of your experiences at school and beyond, you may want to find a mentor. Most successful individuals have benefitted from the experience of a mentor during their lives, including people like Steve Jobs. We know that success doesn’t come to individuals who merely work hard. Instead, it comes to the people who work smart. That’s why we try to keep our mentorship program available to students like you. You can also find mentors among our alumni students. And, of course, our faculty is always there to help.

Financial adviser or business mentor help team partner up to proHow to Excel at Your Studies

While you are enrolled at Daniels, you will have to choose between competing interests almost daily. But in order to excel at your studies, you need to make them a priority. Daniels prides itself on providing you with all the opportunities you need to excel. But you still have to participate. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started on your real-life learning adventure:


  • Consider enrolling in our mentor program
  • Participate in simulations, consulting projects and similar opportunities throughout the year
  • Meet business leaders and top professionals in our community
  • Go on domestic and international trips if you can
  • Sign up for an internship program


Please visit DU’s COVID-19 website and subscribe to @uofdenver Twitter for updates regarding COVID-19.

Please visit DU’s COVID-19 website and subscribe to @uofdenver Twitter for updates regarding COVID-19.