A dog left on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey was rescued and brought to Colorado by a professor at the University of Denver.

Dr. Barbara Kreisman, an associate dean at the Daniels College of Business, sponsored a Golden Retriever to come to Denver through the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies. The rescue brought about 10 dogs from Turkey to Colorado as part of ‘Operation Turkey Dog,’ a mission to rescue abandoned golden retrievers in Istanbul.

Dr. Kreisman’s six-year-old golden retriever arrived in Colorado on Feb. 15.

“He got out of his crate after about a 24 hour journey and just looked at me. Well, that was love at first sight,” Dr. Kreisman said.

She decided sponsoring the dog was not enough and adopted him. Dr. Kreisman named her new dog Brush, after the town her father in law was born in. Part of the deal of sponsoring a dog and bringing it to Colorado is that the dog must be named after a location in Colorado. Dr. Kriesman says Brush also means peace in Turkish.

Dr. Kreisman had seen abandoned dogs on the streets of Turkey for herself. She traveled there as part of an Executive MBA program and has been a total of three times.

Brush is currently being trained as a therapy dog. Dr. Kreisman says she got the idea to train Brush from a student who works with Canine Partners of the Rockies, an organization that raises, trains and places service dogs in Colorado.

“This engages Golden Retriever Rescue, Canine Partners of the Rockies, our students, me, peace, the fact that we travel to Istanbul with our student and have been there three times,” Dr. Kreisman said.

Brush comes to the University of Denver frequently as part of the training.

“He knows how to just look at you and win your heart,” Dr. Kreisman said.

According to Dr. Kreisman, Brush does have a quirk. She says he snores loader than most people.