From the Desk of Dr. Doug Allen, Executive Director of Globalization

Douglas AllenFor much of my career at Daniels, my role has been to lead international learning experiences and programs for our students. Most recently, I’ve had the privilege of serving as director of the International MBA program, one of the country’s first graduate programs in international business. As the College moves into its next phase of globalization—arguably our most important—I am excited to become the executive director of globalization at Daniels.

In a shifting global business landscape, the Daniels College of Business has remained steadfast in its commitment to produce well-rounded leaders who are capable of assessing the many ramifications of business decisions. In the past several years, the College has made great strides toward engaging with international partners—universities, corporations and other organizations—and offering students opportunities to enhance their education and become more globally aware professionals.

Over time, of course, Daniels has evolved—and we recognize that our global efforts must now be woven into all that we do. Globalization has changed nearly all businesses dramatically and the professionals who navigate those businesses must understand various and more complex cultures, economic systems, perspectives, infrastructures and more. Even as the world “shrinks,” today’s professionals face more variety than ever before.

So where does all of this change leave Daniels? In short, we know that to be successful in today’s global marketplace, all our graduates must emerge with a global mindset and skills to match. This year, we welcomed a new dean who brings to the College a strong background in creating global partnerships, developing global programs and teaching around the world. Under Dean Chrite’s direction, I join the already strong globalization team composed of Tom Dowd (senior director), Leslie Carter (associate director) and Victoria Chen (assistant director). Together, we will help the College to reinforce its global footprint, enhance the global content of its programs and truly operate as a global business college.

It is an exciting time at Daniels as we “internationalize” the College’s curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Globalization is a major strategic initiative at Daniels and we are enthusiastic about the next chapter of our globalization efforts. Stay tuned for updates on Daniels globalization 2.0 and how we are working to make the Daniels experience the best it can be.

Dr. Douglas Allen ( is the executive director of the Office of Globalization at the Daniels College of Business. He is also an associate professor in the Department of Management.