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Creating a plan can minimize the challenges of looking for a new job in a different state. Here are three strategies to consider before your road trip:

  1. Prioritize: Are you considering multiple cities and states? Consider a place where you have a network. Your network can support you before and after your move.
    Are you moving before you secure a job? Consider your finances, housing options and moving expenses.
  2. Research: Learn about the job market, cost of living and the types of industries that may be headquartered in the new city. Researching this information will help you understand appropriate salary ranges and how to budget accordingly.
  3. Network: Reach out to your network (specifically people in the new city) for support to learn about the job market. Inform your network that you’re interested in moving to the new city; this can be tricky if you’re still in your current job. Tell your network that you’re still working as you look for another opportunity. Share with your network about the types of jobs or industries you’re pursuing and provide them a copy of your resume. Build your network in the new city by asking your contacts who they recommend you connect with and ask for a LinkedIn introduction. Remember networking is a two-way street so once you land that new job, follow up with your contacts with an update and a thank you note.

Moving to a different state can be exciting and a lot of work. Planning ahead and using these strategies will help alleviate stress and maximum efforts.