You know your worth as an employee, but how do you tell employers? Quantify your experience.

Browse before and after examples of how to quantify your résumé:

  1. Show How Many:
    Before: Trained new hires on store opening and closing procedure.
    After: Trained 10 new hires on the 12-step Corporate Standard Operating Procedure for opening and closing store.
  2. Show How Much:
    Updated company website to include streamlined guest reservation process.
    After: Energized company website, boosting site visits by 35% and increased revenue from guest reservations by $50K.
  3. Show How Often:
    Answer phones and assist guests at the front desk.
    After: Managed 10-line phone system, effectively routing 200-250 calls daily and assisting 20-25 walk-in guests per day. 

Don’t exaggerate–be truthful.

You’ll find number conversions of your skills and accomplishments speak volumes—loud enough for an employer to want to meet you in an interview!