Daniels College of Business partners with Inixia to offer first-of-its kind program in the U.S.

The University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business and Inixia have partnered to bring a Professional Global Business Services certification to North America. Global Business Services (GBS) is a model for companies to deliver key functions like human resources, finance, information technology and customer care to stakeholders. This new evolution to a shared services model provides organizations with cost savings, new efficiencies, improvements in processes and improved ways of delivering their core business. The GBS certification provides organizations with new capacities to deliver breakthrough levels of success through the digital transformation of their operations.

Inixia Co-founders Filippo Passerini and Tony Saldanha have more than 50 years of combined experience in GBS from their work at Procter & Gamble, where the term GBS was coined. After consulting with numerous companies, they wanted to offer what they’ve learned to a broader audience. Partnering with Executive Education at the Daniels College of Business, the two can provide training to anyone in an organization who wants to learn GBS.

“There are many organizations that provide training and facilitation, but what we found in our experience talking with Fortune 500 companies, there aren’t many that lay out the formula for how to operate as an industry,” Saldanha said. “That is something unique and distinctive, the technical experience of how to run one of these organizations, that we at Inixia are hoping to bring in.”

David Worley

David Worley

“The model is about how to sequence the work, how to articulate the value proposition to the business, how to run professional services, how you operate services,” Passerini said. “The model allows people to apply effectively what could be best in class.”

The certificate program through Daniels Executive Education includes five modules, which will launch Feb. 16, 2021. The program enables organizations to achieve breakthrough levels of transformation through innovation, value creation, proven models and frameworks, and industry standardization. The courses will be taught online, so anyone from anywhere is welcome to attend.

“This is an amazing opportunity for people to be taught by experts in Professional GBS who have had tremendous success using this framework in Fortune 500 companies,” said Executive Education Executive Director David Worley. “We’re delighted to partner with Inixia to bring this certification to North America.”

More information: https://daniels.du.edu/executive-education/gbs-program/