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Meet Sanai Fennell, a small person will a huge heart, boundless energy and a presence that naturally brings people together. Keep an eye on this one, she’s going to do great things!

Barbara Stewart nominated Sanai and said she “has distinguished herself as a scholar, an outstanding member of the DU community and a global citizen. In every class, she elaborated more and more of the individual characteristics we hope to find in DU students, while at the same time creating inclusive spaces for everyone to display their own innovation, ethics, collaboration and global perspectives.  Inclusion is an easy word to throw around but Senai lives it each day.  She is the first to take a chance and try something new that one of her classmates is proposing.  If the innovative approach works, she gives credit and acknowledges the source of the activity.  Ethically, if there is a problem with a suggestion, a comment, an approach, she finds the best way forward to diplomatically but clearly explain how her thinking might diverge; she leads us all.  When she rounds up an ad hoc team to try an activity or tackle a problem, everyone knows that it will be a very intelligent process and offer a lot of fun.

Everyone shines when Senai is in the lead.  Our class is very diverse, Senai herself is from an under represented population at DU, but nothing stops her from her inclusive models where everyone contributes, everyone creates value and every voice deserves to be heard.”

Congratulations Sanai, we think you’re a true Daniels Pioneer!