The election is nine weeks away, and we can expect to see even more campaign ads. There’s a good chance many more will be negative ads. That made CBS4′s Alan Gionet wonder “How negative is too negative?”

It’s the undecided voters who will make up the crucial part of the electorate. But we can’t stand negative ads that now saturate the airwaves and the web. “You know what, they wouldn’t do it, but if you do pound away with it, and it’s relevant to the public. It’s going to work,” said Greg Wagner, a former Leo Burnett ad agency vice president and current lecturer in the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. He adds that many of us think we’ll check out the facts, but don’t. Let’s face it, we’re busy. “When it does get very mean spirited I think that’s when it can backfire on you,” said Wagner.