Meet Judson Whiteneck, Student of the Week

When Daniels Pioneer Student of the Week Judson Whiteneck co-founded the Daniels Coffee Break Spring 2010 quarter, he and Andrew Rohr had big plans, and it wasn’t just to give out free coffee. They wanted to create a place where our community could gather, network and get to know students outside of their cohorts. This quarter the Coffee Break added corporate sponsors and continues to be the place to meet other Daniels Pioneers. Check it out Tuesdays, 1:15-2 p.m. in the second floor lobby of the Daniels Building.

When he’s not serving up networking connections, Judson is the president of the Suitts Center for Graduate Career Services Student Advisory Board. Wow. Say that five times fast. He’s also the president of the Daniels Consulting and Strategy Group. Suitts Executive Director Karen Dowd nominated Judson for the Student of the Week and it’s not hard to see why. Dowd said “Jud is one of those positive people that wants to make change happen.” We couldn’t agree more.

Congratulations Jud! You’re a big deal at Daniels.