App competition winner to provide technological innovation for Metro Taxi Denver’s mobile app

The first Metro Taxi Denver “Tap that App” competition will be held on Friday, April 24, 2015 at the newly restored Reiman Theater at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business, with its celebrated Colorado artist John E. Thompson’s luminous Art Nouveau Shakespeare mural from 2:45 – 4:30 p.m. with an awards celebration and complimentary appetizers.

Metro Taxi Denver and the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business announced the “Tap That App” improvement competition in March, 2015. Undergraduate Daniels students enrolled in  “Gateway to Business,” a class in which teams of students are required to design, test and market a mobile phone or tablet application, provided specific improvements in Metro Taxi Denver’s mobile app to differentiate the customer experience for the company, design a streamlined, comprehensive gateway for customer interaction, facilitate data driven marketing opportunities for Metro Taxi Denver as well as technological innovation for the app.

“We have had a mobile app for the past few years competitive with other transportation apps such as Uber, but believe we could add improvements,” said Robert McBride, owner and operator of Metro Taxi Denver. “Some of the brightest business minds are in our backyard in the Daniels College of Business, which is why we partnered with them in in this one-of-a-kind contest. It is an opportunity for students to learn about delivering real-time results within the highly competitive Denver transportation environment.”

Approximately 120 students in teams of five competed,  and nine teams will make an 8-minute presentation of their recommendations. “In today’s world, well-designed, user-friendly and responsive apps are critical to any organization’s success,” said Stephen Haag, Ph.D., Director of Assurance of Learning & Associate Professor-in-Residence at the Daniels College of Business.  “Customers expect that business apps will simplify their interactions with companies and save them time. Companies expect that mobile apps will build customer loyalty and repeat business. No organization can be without these and be successful in the current marketplace.”

For those interested in covering the story for a media outlet, parking passes at the Daniels College of Business garage can be arranged by contacting Kristal Griffith at 303-871-3379 or