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pioneerblog-davidkarliDoctor David Karli’s success can be attributed both to his medical prowess and his passion for sports, especially basketball. Inspired by his experiences with injury as a student athlete, he went on to develop the revolutionary platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, therapy. This innovative treatment uses a person’s own blood to heal injuries and regenerate the body.

Before Doctor Karli could feel confident recommending his PRP treatment, he tested it on his own basketball injuries. The treatment was a success, and he also “learned more about PRP than I could have from any book or lab experiment”.

The current Daniels Pioneer attributes his success not only to his medical innovation, but also to his experiences as a collegiate basketball player at Elizabethtown College. He says his basketball career helped to differentiate him when applying for medical school and taught him to work hard in order to achieve success. “Skills developed from little league, high school or intercollegiate athletic participation in my opinion are invaluable in any facet of life”, says Karli.

Preparing to start his own biotechnology company, Karli has enrolled in the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business to pursue his MBA. He hopes that gaining a business education and starting his company will allow him to “[make] the process of creating PRP better and more efficient.” We wish Doctor Karli the best of luck and look forward to seeing what he will be doing next!