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With so many options, choosing the right graduate business degree program can seem overwhelming. The Master of Science in Management (MSM) is a relatively new offering in the United States, and it has proven to be an appealing and powerful option for those seeking postsecondary education. Lasting 12 months or less, MSM programs are efficient and manageable, yet they powerfully transform students from any discipline—particularly those with no prior work experience—into better learners, better leaders and better stewards of the world.

Who Gets An MSM?

MSM programs are designed for recent graduates with undergraduate degrees in a variety of disciplines, including finance, engineering, psychology and the liberal arts. Because students typically seek to develop leadership and business skills that align with their career passions, MSM programs do not require full-time work experience. Program courses and challenges are designed to enhance undergraduate work and interests, and serve as springboards to careers—and leadership positions—across a variety of organizations and industries.

How Is The MSM Structured?

MSM programs focus on developing managerial and leadership skills and are typically less than a year long. The MSM is an attractive option for those wanting to quickly expand their employment opportunities at the onset of their careers and take a deep dive into experiential activities. Upon completion, graduates have a bedrock-foundation in management and leadership to complement their pre-existing technical skills. In short, they are fully prepared to launch successful careers.

What Careers Are Possible With An MSM?

What careers aren’t possible is the better question. The past decade or so has seen a dramatic rise in interest from employers both within and beyond the business arena in hiring candidates with more specialized skills in management and leadership. Undergraduate experiences typically prepare students with technical skills, but often at the expense of interpersonal, or “soft,” skills. Enter the MSM. Because they are both technically and interpersonally skilled, graduates from MSM programs are ideal candidates in the eyes of employers. Employers hire MSM graduates for the management and leadership expertise and mindset they developed while earning their degrees, which complement the technical expertise developed in prior academic programs. This combination of skills is of great value, not just in the business world, but in the scientific, government and non-profit sectors as well.

MSM programs answer the call from CEOs around the world to prepare graduates to address top organizational priorities: human capital, innovation, customer experience, operational excellence, sustainability and trust in business. And at the Daniels College of Business, our MSM program is delivered with unwavering ethics and integrity.