Earning an MBA can give you a competitive edge. Employers value those who have pursued a Master of Business Administration because it shows commitment and a desire to learn. Before you enroll in this program, it is important to consider what you will learn. The curriculum of your business school can help you better understand the business world and how to effectively take charge.

Here at the Daniels College of Business, the number of classes you will take and how they are structured will vary depending on which program you choose to participate in. The core teaching curriculum, however, will remain the same.

The MBA Core

You will start your classes in the MBA core by learning about the role of business in general and its place in the world on a macro level. You will then hone in and focus on the details of important business functions, theories and techniques. While taking your classes in the MBA core, you will develop valuable critical thinking skills for innovative solutions. You will strengthen your communication skills for interpersonal effectiveness through team projects and simulations of real life events. You can expect to become proficient in global and intercultural business practices. This will prepare you for global stewardship.

The Daniels Compass

Our specially-designed Daniels Compass curriculum with provide you with an ethical framework which you should use as you consider all of your business decisions. There are three main compass courses to focus on and they will teach you strategies for attaining the triple bottom line—people, planet and profit. In addition to these three main compass classes, the framework of this ethical concept is stressed throughout the entire curriculum of your business school education.

The Electives

We understand that you have your own unique interests; there are some skills you would like to learn for a specific business discipline. As a result, you are encouraged to take elective courses. Some of our MBA programs will allow you to take more elective courses than others. In some cases, you can even extend your program in order to take more elective classes. Carefully considering and pairing certain electives with your MBA is important if you plan on focusing in one area of business.

Is a Masters of Business for You?

As you consider going to business school, think about where you want your career to go. If you plan on staying in business and want to work toward becoming an executive, an MBA is a great option for you to consider. Some employers are even willing to pay for employees to go back to school to obtain their MBA. This is valuable opportunity for many, but be sure you understand any conditions your company may have for sending you to school. You may be required to stay put for a certain number of years, which could be exactly what you want.