Jared Marquette had a long history of business involvement before coming to Daniels for graduate school. From his first job onward, he has always surrounded himself with the best and brightest minds in the business world, and he strives to position himself among them. Jared chose Daniels for its focus on sustainability, ethics, and alumni relations, and says it was a great decision that has allowed him a new level of engagement with the business world. Between Daniels’ classes, student groups, and alumni connections, Jared sees unparalleled opportunities for success after graduation. In the meantime, he is happily immersed in the DU community and keeps very busy as manager of the graduate Daniels College of Business Ambassadors, chair of Team Daniels, chair of the DU Marketing Association, GBSA member, intern for Denver CASA, and volunteer for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Colorado. Jared says he still isn’t sure what direction he will take after graduating, but plans to embrace whatever comes with flexibility and passion. With such dedication and involvement, it will surely be impressive. Congratulations, Jared! We look forward to seeing where life takes you.

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