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Daniels Assistant Professor Michael Nalick shares expertise on the intersection of business and politics in DU’s RadioEd podcast

Whether it’s after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, or the calls for racial justice and reform, the political rallying cry these days seems to be a four-letter word: VOTE.

On Nov. 3, experts predict the presidential election will produce the highest voter turnout in at least a century—but a significant chunk of those voters won’t be casting their ballot at a physical polling place.

Safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic have shined the spotlight on the United States Postal Service and its financial struggles, raising questions about whether it can handle an increased load of mail-in ballots. Will it be able to deliver results on time, free of fraud? 

Michael Nalick

Michael Nalick

Michael Nalick is an assistant professor of management at the Daniels College of Business. He has experience working in politics at both a local and national level, and specializes in the intersection of business and politics.

Listen to the podcast to hear Nalick share his greatest concerns and explain how the post office became a political issue in the first place.



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