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As a graduate Master of Science student at the Daniels College of Business, I was thrilled to learn about the diverse courses offered through Daniels and the opportunities to travel abroad with a class. This fall, I enrolled in Professor Michael Myers marketing course, Mobile Consumer Behavior: Japan vs. United States. This course consists of documenting the differences between Japan and the U.S. mobile behavior, while studying the relationship consumers have with emerging mobile technology, conducting quantitative and qualitative research and presenting our findings to Toyota on a trip to Japan.

Japan is the leader in mobile technology and has advanced the relationship between consumers and mobile use, more than any other country. The U.S. is currently experiencing a shift in this same relationship that Japan experienced more than two decades ago.

I am excited to visit and experience the culture of Japan, but I am more excited to work with an international company like Toyota and to be able to successfully create a specific mobile marketing strategic business model. The knowledge and experience gained from this course and trip are invaluable for my future goals and plans. Those goals and plans are to further deepen my knowledge in marketing and increase my potential job opportunities and advancement as an expert in the field of marketing. I believe this course and trip to Japan is a step in the right direction.

Ryan Branham is an MS Marketing Candidate and a Graduate Student Ambassador at Daniels.