danielscareers-IBA PanelWith the slow extinction of the IMBA program and the disappearance of the office of Globalization, one might ask “How will this void be filled?” Thankfully Daniels Career Services and the International Business Association (IBA) are stepping up to the plate to bridge the gap. While many organizations are “going global” it is becoming increasingly important that students know what types of experiences and connections will be useful when working in a multi-national company. With all the languages and cultures of the world, there is so much to learn about how the rest of the world does business.

IBA aims to bring more global business learning opportunities on campus for both domestic and international students. They also provide an environment for students to exchange professional information regarding overseas experiences and internship opportunities.

Recently IBA along with Daniels Career Services hosted an International Business Industry Panel. During the event, three internationally experienced professionals told their story and spoke about their path to international success. These professionals represented Zayo Group, Wild Blue Exports, and IBF advisory. The panel also took time to network with students afterwards. The event turned out to be a very rewarding and engaging experience for both the students and panelists who participated.