It’s pretty straightforward what brought me to the Daniels College of Business: I wanted to move out west (the sun, the mountains, the outdoors were all calling my name!) and attend a b-school that offered a tight-knit community, innovative curriculum and a learning format that was truly hands-on. It took one visit to the city of Denver to attend a Discover Daniels Information Session and I knew I found my future. Two weeks after that visit, I moved to Denver and began applying to Daniels. I was accepted and I’m currently in my second year as a Denver MBA candidate.

My advice for graduate business students is to start working toward your career goals from day one. That certainly helped shape my path. During my first quarter as a Denver MBA student, I interviewed for a summer internship at Johnson & Johnson. I would be working for a Fortune 500 company in a role I really wanted—a leadership development position in strategic HR.

Let’s be real though, the internship interview process was daunting! When I went for the interview, I was sitting in a room surrounded by other candidates from Ivy League schools. Frankly, it was a little nerve-wracking and before starting my program at Daniels, I would have felt really intimidated. The reality was I felt incredibly confident because I had already experienced the pressure of being client-facing through real projects in the classroom AND my career coach at Daniels helped prepare me for the intense interview process. After a few arduous interviews (and some nail-biting!), I received word that I landed the internship!

Follow my blog to learn how challenge-driven education at Daniels helped prepare me to take on my internship with Johnson & Johnson and prove if I could earn a job offer by the end.


This is Ericka’s story—what’s yours? Discover which Daniels graduate program is right for you.