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DENVER – From its grand glass atrium to the gold leaf in the lettering above the Supreme Court, Colorado’s new Ralph L. Carr Justice Center was designed to impress.

But you’ll need security clearance or an escort if you want to see the $1,300 wood serving carts with silver trays sitting in Supreme Court Justice Michael Bender’s reception room.

In the judicial chambers, there are credenzas with antique brass hardware that cost $2,375 each. One octagonal tray table cost more than $7,200.

Those are just a few of the many high-end pieces of furniture CALL7 Investigators found inside the Carr complex following a review of $9 million in purchase orders.

“It’s very, very elegant,” said Stephen Sewalk, an assistant professor of real estate and construction at the University of Denver who has previously worked on commercial building projects, including top-dollar law offices. “You would find this in an investment bank, as I said, in an elite law firm, a place that has a lot of money to spend.”