Getting an MBA can revolutionize your career. An MBA can open doors that were once closed to you. It may help you to get a dream job in the field you’ve always wanted, it may help you to get a raise at your current company, and it may help you to take your small business to the next level. With an MBA, you will receive valuable training in entrepreneurship, leadership and global marketing in order to be better prepared for the business world and a more valuable contribution to the industry. But while getting an MBA is a great career move, it is also a large time commitment. Here at Daniels, we strive to make your dream a reality by offering flexible courses that are reasonably scheduled ahead of time to allow you to plan ahead and make room in your busy life for your course load. There are, of course, many different methods to obtain an MBA.

Course Options for Your MBA

It stands to reason that the courseload for an MBA is both academically rigorous, advanced, and challenging. As a business professional, you are not only up for the challenge but excited to learn and grow. But how do you find the time? 

  • Night and weekend classes: Many MBA programs recognize the limited availability that many business professionals have to commit to an MBA program. Oftentimes, night and weekend courses are offered so that you can work a program into your life without disrupting your work. Here at Daniels, we offer evening and alternating Friday/Saturday courses so that you can schedule work around your MBA course.
  • Accelerated programs: Oftentimes, you can apply to accelerated programs that allow you to complete your MBA faster. We currently offer an Executive MBA program that is accelerated to allow for completion in 18 months. We recognize that you are a business professional simultaneously committed to your job and your personal and professional growth, so we have created a program that disrupts your prior commitments as little as possible.