Always flush with fantastic job opportunities, the University of Denver really proved themselves with their recent event “Tech 303” that happened on a particularly warm April 14th. As a business student who is majoring in marketing, I tend to shy away from most job opportunities that seem more technologically advanced or mathematically inclined than I am capable of, however I figured that there was no harm in finding potential job placements and decided to attend the event. I’m very glad I did. The event drew 8 companies from the Denver area together to talk about who they were and what that could mean for students such as us. The following is a brief bio about each:

A video conferencing and web conferencing services that aims to integrate all communications into one platform that works consistently.

A cloud-based communication service that is widely used by many companies (and hiring!)

Signpost’s AI automatically collects customer data and generates marketing results to help local businesses discover who their customers are and how to connect with them

Their mission is to “help technology driven organizations deliver customer value faster and at higher quality by automating the testing process, including functional testing, performance testing, load testing, and even network emulation”

Stack Overflow
They provide an incredibly useful website that answers coding questions and help “programmers to learn, share their knowledge, and advance their careers”

Earn cash back mobile app by taking pictures of your receipts. Uses sku-level purchase, Geo-location data and demographics to give to marketing researchers. They even gave us a promo code! (DU referral code: BOONE )

Provides the most rigorous screening process in the industry to enable its users to find the perfect fit for any home repair needs.  (They are also hiring!)

Talent Reef
The number one social recruiting and talent management software that “provides everything you need to find, hire, train, and manage your talent.”

After the presentations, the event turned into a very useful networking opportunity, which I’m sure encouraged some potential career and internship conversations! This event was certainly one to attend but if you were unable to definitely check out the links above the companies were all incredibly interesting and most were hiring!

By: Savanna Guerrero, Undergraduate Marketing Student