For many Daniels students, summer isn’t all about lounging on a beach or camping under the stars. Rather, it’s a time to gain valuable work experience and invaluable connections via an internship. We took a moment to catch up with some of our graduate students who are interning this summer to learn more about where they are, what they’re doing and how Daniels helped prepare them to shine in the workplace.

Bassey Bassey

Bassey Bassey, MS Business Analytics student
Interning at World Bank Group

“I’m working with the ‘Doing Business Project’ within the Global Indicators Group, which provides objective measures of business regulations for local firms in 190 economies and select cities at the subnational level. Through its hands-on, in-depth class activities and course projects, my Daniels experience has helped me to distinguish myself among other interns in the World Bank Group.”



Cos Braswell

Cos Braswell, MS Finance student
Interning at Innovest Portfolio Solutions

“I’m working as an analyst intern in Innovest’s Research and Due Diligence Groups. Daniels prepared me for this internship by developing my teamwork skills because of the various group projects I’ve had to complete. Daniels also ensures that students are well-rounded. For example, we were required to become Microsoft-certified and pass checkpoint tests in various subjects along the way. At Innovest, we’re required to take a holistic approach to understanding how things work, and our tasks are dependent on others so teamwork is a must.”


Jessica Bouchard

Jessica Bouchard, MS Marketing Student
Interning at Communications Strategy Group

“I’m interning on the marketing strategy team, and my title is strategic communications fellow. I’ve been completing marketing research to assist with strategy and campaign development, and writing blog posts and news briefs. Also, I’m building media lists and pitching [stories] to the media. My role supports clients within the health and wellness, finance, education and consumer packaged goods industries. Daniels prepared me for my summer internship by giving me experience in conducting marketing research and developing marketing campaigns. Working in Daniels’ Consumer Insights and Business Innovation Center (CiBiC) has been extremely helpful for this. Also, the communication and professional skills that I’ve gained at Daniels are allowing me to be more successful in my internship.”


Marisa Midyet

Marisa Midyet, Denver MBA Student
Interning at Johnson & Johnson

“It’s been an amazing experience for me and a place where I’ve had the opportunity to make an impact. The culture at Johnson & Johnson is phenomenal. They focus on bringing your authentic self to work every day, which connects with my core values and what we’ve learned in the Denver MBA program.”



Derek Safko

Derek Safko, MS Marketing Student
Interning at Marketo

“I’m working in operations and assisting with the implementation of Marketo’s new Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system. I work with the Partner Operations and Partner Enablement teams to prepare for and drive a PRM implementation through new process training design and delivery; partner tool training and rollout; partner engagement for surveys and beta testing; implementing business deliverables; and assisting with project core team activities.”


Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson, Master of Accountancy Student
Interning at Ernst & Young LLP

“I’m working on issues related to advisory or risk. The School of Accountancy at Daniels has done a fantastic job of setting me up for success with regard to my internship. Not only do they walk you through the hiring process, but the material covered is relevant as it relates to audit, tax and improving overall business acumen.”