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Jeremy Moser (BA 2016)

Like many college students, I often found it difficult to imagine how my classes translated to the real world. Now that I’ve graduated, however, I can see how the courses I took set me up for success in my career.

At DU, I studied marketing at Daniels because I always knew I wanted to pursue some form of marketing—whether digital, print or a combination. 

Upon graduating in 2016, I landed my first job as a digital marketing associate. A few years later, I co-founded uSERP, a digital brand-building agency catering to companies like Hotjar, which makes over $20 million in revenue each year, and Freshworks, which is valued at over $1.5 billion. My expertise, built off the foundation of marketing courses at Daniels, has led me to be consistently featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Inc. 

Here are a few of the ways marketing courses at Daniels prepared me for my career:

Writing is the backbone of modern marketing

Writing was at the center of many marketing classes I enjoyed at Daniels. Whether it was writing short bits of copy for advertising projects, or long-form pieces for a mock company website, writing was at the core of what we did. 

And currently, writing is the backbone of modern digital marketing—everything from the copy on a company’s website to print ads to social media tone and style impacts and influences consumer behavior and forms brand perceptions. 

Being able to master the art of language is a skillset that every marketer needs in the modern era. 

Honing my writing skills in marketing courses at Daniels helped me develop a modern marketing background and assisted me in marketing myself to potential employers. 

With projects centered around brand messaging, crafting go-to-market strategy, and value selling, writing was a key skill I learned. 

Marketing is incredibly diverse, with niches from search engine optimization to print advertising and everything in between. But, one of the constants in this sector is writing and the art of persuasion.

B2B and Inbound Marketing Focus

The marketing courses at Daniels cover everything from business-to-business marketing (B2B) to supply chain management. If you aren’t sure which marketing sector you want to focus on, there is a course for everyone!

Personally, my two favorite courses centered around B2B marketing and search engine marketing, both of which are paramount to my career today. 

In B2B marketing classes, I learned about the importance of fostering relationships that lead to sales and revenue. Tasked with engaging classroom projects surrounding business relationships, strategy and creating B2B website content that focused on a buyer’s journey from idea to fruition, I gained firsthand experience that’s applicable to my role right now.

The knowledge I gained through search engine marketing courses also helped me in my current role as the co-founder of uSERP, which offers search engine marketing services.

When I was tasked with acquiring marketing certifications from Google and HubSpot, I found these assessments to be easy, applying what I had just learned in classes at Daniels. The modern marketing focus at the College and the course curriculums were hyper-relevant to the real world. 

Improving upon this foundation, I felt confident branching off and launching my own career and agency in marketing.