If you are thinking about graduate school, an MBA or other graduate degree is a great step forward toward advancing in your profession, and can open up a lot of opportunities. For some, it may be more beneficial to focus on their current career and move up the ladder as quickly as possible. But if you make the decision to go to graduate school, you may not know how to get started. Here at Daniels, we are committed to helping our students be as informed and prepared as possible for the admissions process.

Graduate School: Where Do I Start?

The graduate school process can seem a bit daunting, but luckily we have outlined a checklist of tasks and considerations to help get you into the graduate program of your choice. If you are not sure what grad school you want to get into, we have also given you some insight into making the right decision.

Speak with experts in your field: You may already be working in the field or industry that contains your ideal job position. Regardless of whether or not you hold a position similar to your ideal job, it is important that you speak with experts in your field to learn more about educating yourself and preparing for a graduate program. Ask them what school and program they attended as well as a list of schools they would recommend.

Give yourself some options: When it comes to applying for grad school, the more options you have available, the higher your likelihood will be for admission into one or two schools. However, you can spend hours, days and even weeks applying to graduate programs so it is best to narrow down your list to a few top choices. Choose between five and ten graduate programs that you find satisfactory. Look at location, price, course load, prestige, and suitability for your intended career.

Compare your options: Once you have made up your list of prospective schools, you need to compare your options. Find a way to compare the schools side by side (through a spreadsheet or something similar). This side-by-side comparison of prospective schools will help you to narrow your search and focus better on the admissions process.

Visit the campus: Your comparison sheet will most likely help you get a better idea of which schools will be ideal, but you really need to experience the campus and speak with admissions staff before you make an informed decision. You can gauge how your educational experience will be when visiting with admissions staff. Are they informative, thorough, and understanding? Did you feel welcome and invited to explore the campus? How quickly were you helped, and how much time was devoted to you? All of these questions can help you get a feel for a particular school and how well suited it is for you.