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An MBA can make all the difference in your quality of life, your business acumen and your networking capabilities. An MBA will open up doors and opportunities that were previously unavailable. With an MBA, you will not only gain the education you need to take your career to the next level. You will also gain insight into a global economy, develop a global perspective on business and discover what impact your career can have on the world.

If you are concerned that your MBA will make no impact upon your job opportunities or ability to progress in the business world, this should be the farthest thing from your mind.There are legitimate concerns (cost, time commitment, and workload), but the training, education and business acumen you obtain from earning an MBA will make a significant difference in your life.

Networking opportunities: Many confess that their primary reason for seeking an MBA is for the networking opportunities. Nowhere else will you spend such a focused, earnest amount of time discussing with and learning from people who have the same goals, desires, and aspirations as you do. The networking opportunities that are afforded during a graduate program will help you to forge lasting friendships and professional relationships that will enrich your professional life and open up a variety of professional opportunities.

Tools to succeed in a global market: Many business professionals aspire to work in a global market, but they simply do not have to tools to do so. Your MBA education will help you understand how to succeed in a global market and will help you find ways to do so. Many Executive MBA programs offer opportunities to study and learn overseas. In fact, Daniels program offers cohort opportunities during which you can work in two different overseas markets in order to get a grasp upon what it takes to succeed in a global economy.

An edge over the competition: In today’s tough economy, business professionals need every advantage in order to compete for jobs and higher salaries. If you feel that your career is stagnant, an MBA will give you the tools and education you need to move up in your profession and get that higher-paying, more satisfying career.

Access to real world experience: If you are a recent undergrad  looking for ways to get involved in the business world, an MBA is a great place to start. Our MBA program offers experiential learning, and we believe that this learning is foundational for our graduates and invaluable to their education. Online MBA programs may make it difficult to access this real world experience, but a great MBA program will expose you to as many authentic, real world applications as possible.

Please visit DU’s COVID-19 website and subscribe to @uofdenver Twitter for updates regarding COVID-19.

Please visit DU’s COVID-19 website and subscribe to @uofdenver Twitter for updates regarding COVID-19.