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pioneerblog-smrankingDaniels was recently ranked No. 32 out of 100 for most social media friendly MBA schools. The significance of a social media ranking like this has to do with the growing playing field social media has allotted for colleges to interact with people. Whether you are a prospective student, current student, alumni, family member of a student, faculty/staff of the college, or simply an admirer of the college the benefits are endless. College social media outlets are the go-to place to really learn the culture of a college. From campus pictures, to college events or even reading works from faculty and staff, social media pages have allowed people to fully immerse their selves in the principles of the college before they’ve even had the chance to step foot on campus.

In addition, many colleges have multiple social media accounts for different departments within a college. These niches are perfect for students looking to engage with a certain area in a college. For example, some colleges, like Daniels, have pages that are directly promoted for prospective students as well as a main page that over arches all areas of the college. Most pages have content that is transferrable across the board with special tweaks to particular pages that make them worth visiting. Therefore, it has become an essential tool to follow college social media pages when making a decision such as which college you wish to attend as well as to interact with a college you are attending. Social media is a great resource with infinite possibilities.

The Daniels social media pages strive to reach everyone on several mediums (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.) to create a strong community that feels truly connected to the Daniels College of Business. We are honored to have our fans and followers on social media and hope to see our Daniels Pioneer network continue to grow.

Feel free to explore the Daniels Social Media Directory to see all our different department social media pages.