Camila Angelim (in green) is pursuing her MS in Marketing at Daniels.

I always wanted to study in the U.S. but the opportunity never came. I was doing my undergrad in Brazil, then started an MBA. I had been working for five years at the same company. At that time I began to think that if I did not do something different, I would not have the career opportunities I had in mind. I started to look for Master’s programs all over the U.S., but I had been to Denver before and I knew I wanted to go back. At first, I applied to a different school, but when I saw the University of Denver’s rankings, I knew that the Daniels College of Business was the right place.

Today I am halfway through my Master of Science in Marketing program here at Daniels. I really like the opportunities I have been exposed to. Every day there is something new—an event, an opportunity to meet employers, a way to network with alumni, a lecture to attend, a seminar about jobs and careers, etc. There is not enough time to do it all, the key point is to remain focused and choose what is going to help you as a student and in your future career. When I graduate, I want to work in the food industry and manage a marketing department. One day I’d also like to run my own business.

My best advice for prospective international students is to not give up on their dreams; I wanted to study abroad since I was 14 years old and after much patience, the right time came. I believe if you want to grow in your career and have a global business perspective, you have to leave your home country and see the world through a different angle. Study for your GMAT, apply to graduate schools, but I also encourage you to come and visit Daniels. Talk to the staff, get to know the campus and the faculty, I am sure you will want to stay.