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photo 4In our fifth year of the Daniels Tomorrow strategic plan, the leadership of the Daniels College of Business understands that continued momentum is critical to our success in realizing the goals set forth at the beginning of this journey.

This April, the College held our first All About Daniels internal summit designed to inform, engage and inspire all Daniels faculty and staff through a collaborative vision mapping session. Using the Daniels Tomorrow strategic plan, our mission and vision as guides, teams discussed and discovered where we’ve come from, where we want to go in the future and how we can get there by working together. More than 120 Daniels faculty and staff took part in this highly interactive strategy session.

Facilitated by Alchemy, a Denver-based strategic consulting firm that works with organizations around the world, the All About Daniels sessions focused on the history of Daniels and market trends we have seen throughout our history, the College’s greatest strengths and vulnerabilities today, the keys to future success and the main findings and takeaways of small-group discussions. The result: an in-depth history document to be used for future new hire and other trainings as well as an innovative vision map for the future, which confirms—and reiterates—the goals identified by Daniels Tomorrow.

In the fall of 2013, we will build upon the findings of the All About Daniels sessions by offering breakout workshops that address how Daniels can face current trends—such as globalization and technology—head on.

Read the 2012 Progress Report and stay tuned for more about our continued progress with Daniels Tomorrow.