Jackson Harper

DU student shares benefits that come with college tuition

College is expensive. Students pay thousands of dollars to attend a university. But, what you might not realize is that your tuition money buys you more than just classes. Daniels College of Business finance student Jackson Harper shares five perks that come with tuition at the University of Denver.  

(1) Free Subscriptions to News Services

Your tuition includes free subscriptions to the New York Times as well as the Wall Street Journal. These respected publications typically require monthly fees to access their news articles, but the price is free if you register with a DU email address.

Combined, these publications offer a balanced view of the news. The New York Times is a liberal leaning publication while the Wall Street Journal is more conservative. Combined, reading both can offer students diverse perspectives on a variety of issues.

(2) Half-off Amazon Prime + Others

primeWhile this is not a perk exclusive to DU, it’s still a benefit that students should take advantage. Amazon offers a 50% discount on Prime memberships for students. This reduces the price to $60 a year from $120 a year.

If you already have a Prime subscription or are considering getting one, make sure you register with your DU email address to get the discount. Even if you don’t want an account, you can get six months of Prime free just by signing up. You can cancel later if you still no longer want it.  

Amazon Prime is not the only service that has a discount for students. There are many other organizations that offer these discounts as well. Spotify, Hulu, and Showtime are just a few of the organizations that have discounts for college students.

Consider looking at your current subscriptions services and see if they offer student discounts.

lirbary(3) Access to the University Library

Have you ever used to Google scholar and tried to view a peer reviewed publication? Good luck, almost all of them are locked behind paywalls. Fortunately, your tuition pays for access to the University Library which gives you access to most peer reviewed publications as well as many other resources. Consider exploring the library compass next time you need to conduct research.

(4) Career Services

Du has a compressive suit of career services available to students, particularly though the Daniels College of Business. Finding internships and job opportunities is very easy using Pioneer Careers Online. You also have access to many advisers who are happy to help with interview and resume support.

Students at DU also have access to alumni services once they graduate. The alumni network allows graduates valuable opportunities to connect and network with former students. DU alumni live and work in all 50 states and 145 countries.

(5) Qualtrics

Need to conduct a survey? Consider using Qualtrics. Qualtrics is a professional survey service widely used in business. It is very useful for conducting primary research. Normally, this service can be very expensive but DU students have access to Qualtrics for free to conduct surveys and receive easy responses from target demographics.

Next time you have a project that requires primary research, consider looking into Qualtrics so you don’t have to send those pesky survey emails to friends and family.

Sean Plunkett was part of the BUS3000 course where students are assigned to write a blog. Plunkett’s was selected as one of the best in the undergraduate class.