If you are reading this prior to March 13, hang in there. You’ve got this. Drink some fluids, pet a stress puppy or go meditate (in the library).

Spring break is almost here, and with it comes the opportunity to recharge your batteries after winter quarter. However, keep in mind that spring quarter will be upon you before you know it, and soon you’ll be lost once again in your weekly routines. Consider using spring break to tackle some long overdue items on your career to-do list. Here are five things to consider taking care of over your break:

  1. Network: Use your time off from school to review your contacts and to (potentially) make new ones. This is the perfect time to send some emails, reestablish lost connections and see what new contacts you can make.
  2. Get Your Documents in Shape: No matter where you are in your job search process, it’s always a good idea to have a current and polished resume at the ready. While cover letters will vary from job to job, be sure you have some language drafted that highlights your skills and accomplishments so you can be prepared to easily write a strong cover letter.
  3. Research: Regardless of whether or not you have a career in mind, use this valuable time to do some background research. Do some digging and read up on the industry, the major companies involved and also try to get a sense of the language specific to the industry. This will be useful later on when you are preparing for an interview, writing a cover letter, etc.
  4. Apply for Jobs: If you have a backlog of jobs you’ve been meaning to apply for, now is the time. Just because you’re on break doesn’t mean the competition is!
  5. Visit Career Services: The office will be open throughout the break and ready to assist you with resumes, cover letters, interview preparation, job search strategies, and more. Set up an appointment at (303) 871-3911 or email DanielsCareers@du.edu.