We’re always looking for new ways to spice up classic dishes, takeout and whatever else is cooking in our kitchens, but some pre-packaged condiments are too overpowering or just not fresh enough for our taste. Time is not always on our side to whip up everything from scratch, which is why we keep the pantry stocked with necessities from Ft. Greene Farms. Launched by Nathan Meshberg in 2013, each condiment is hand packed with locally-sourced ingredients–so you know it’s fresh. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we chatted with Nate to learn more about Ft. Green Farms and how he transformed his passion into a successful business.

You have years of restaurant experience. Where did you get your start in the food industry? Is it a field in which you had always wanted to work?

I started my culinary career in 2009 with chef Michael White at Marea. Like most cooks, I started at the garde manger station and worked my way up to the line. Eventually I was given the responsibility of saucier. It was there I began to understand how to build flavors and how little details can make all the difference between a good dish and a great dish. Prior to starting my culinary career, I graduated from the Daniels College of Business (University of Denver) and came to New York and worked in advertising at Grey. It only took a few years to realize that sitting in a desk from 9-5 was not the right fit for me. The highlight of my days were coming home and cooking for roommates and friends. My real passion was in the kitchen.