Coming to the end of your college career is bitter sweet, like the dark chocolate that you binge on while you’re spending late nights studying and working on projects. It is sad when you think back to all the awesome college memories that were made over the years, whether it was Ethics Boot Camp, late night study sessions with friends, or just spending time in class diving into the material and you finally get it. I often find myself wondering if I will stay in touch with my friends and make more memories like that again.  And, although we may not admit it, we will miss school and those experiences.

For some of us, our undergrad is just the start of our college journey, and for others, like myself, it has been the stepping-stone that made my dream job possible. The future is sweet. We have excitement for our next adventure, and the opportunity to finally have evenings off. All those late nights and hard work sessions have finally paid off.

I am, and will always be, grateful for the memories and learning experiences that were made possible through my education at the Daniels College of Business.