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Daniels faculty experts were busy sharing their knowledge with the media in Colorado and around the country. They tackled the marketing complexities that legalizing marijuana in Colorado brings, how fracking impacts home prices, end of year economic issues and more. Read more in this snapshot of media interviews since December 2013.

  • In the February 2014 issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine, Stephen Haag gives practical tips to ensure you don’t fall victim to current email scams.
  • Sharon Lassar tells 24/7 Wall Street how political gridlock contributed to seven sneaky taxes in 2014.
  • Greg Wagner tells CBS national news several ways marketers and advertising executives will market and brand the legalization of marijuana in Colorado.
  • In USA Today, Mac Clouse talks about which retirement resolution to make in 2014.
  • Changes in hotel guest socialization patterns will lead to the demise of the hotel mini-bar, predicts David Corsun in the Los Angeles Times.
  • Robert Giacalone tells TIME Magazine that more people are telling lies in social and work situations because we are taught to start lying at an early age.
  • Ron Throupe explains to NBC News how his most recent research tracks the negative effects that fracking can have on home prices.