With the holidays upon us, you may be planning stories about holiday travel, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, holiday spending, credit card debt, charitable donations and tax preparations. The University of Denver Daniels College of Business has several experts ready to talk about these issues:

Employment/HR issues during the holidays

  • Cindi Fukami, professor of management, is an expert in organizational behavior and human resource management. She can comment on employee productivity during the holidays, end-of-year bonuses, strikes, lay-offs, unions and labor disputes.
    Bio: https://daniels.du.edu/directory/cynthia-fukami/
    Note: Fukami will be unavailable Dec. 25-Jan. 2.
    “Stress is always higher during big holidays,” Fukami says. “Given the added element of the national climate, family and coworker conflict might be higher than usual this year.”

Holiday travel – airlines, hotels and restaurants

  • David Corsun, director and associate professor at the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management, is an expert on hotel and restaurant trends.
    Bio: https://daniels.du.edu/directory/david-corsun/
    Note: Corsun is traveling Nov. 20-Dec.8, but can be available for a phone interview with advance notice.
    “Some things to look for this year and beyond are the growing importance and prevalence of vegetable-based proteins in restaurants and supermarkets,” Corsun says. “Even non-vegetarians are replacing some of their meat and poultry with these products. Some of the pull in this direction is for health reasons, but increasingly, it’s environmental.”
    “If there are two things to watch for in the hotel market, they are the focus on experience and wellness,” he says. “There will continue to be increasing pushback from consumers on resort fees in non-resort properties.”
  • Lowell Valencia-Miller, assistant teaching professor of management, spent 24 years of his business career in the airline industry. He was one of the original team members to help get Frontier Airlines off the ground back in 1994. His professional experience includes airport operations, customer service, marketing, e-commerce, information technology and business strategy. He is always available to share tips of how to make travel during the holidays a little more bearable.
    Bio: https://daniels.du.edu/directory/lowell-miller/
  • Karen Xie, assistant professor of hospitality management, is an expert on hospitality technology. She can speak to how technologies such as autonomous cars, digital assistants (e.g. Amazon’s Alexa), and peer-to-peer home-sharing platforms (e.g. Airbnb) will make holiday planning and traveling easier.
    Bio: https://daniels.du.edu/directory/lijia-karen-xie/
  • Gia Nardini, assistant professor of marketing, can speak to how consumer enjoyment is affected by devices like smartphones and cameras.
    Bio: https://daniels.du.edu/directory/gia-nardini/ 
    Note: Nardini will be unavailable Dec. 20-27.

Holiday shopping, Black Friday, credit card debt

  • Ali Besharat, associate professor of marketing, studies consumer behavior. His current projects explore how financial decisions can be translated into sub-optimal choice preference, unhealthy consumption and overspending. He also researches brand alliance, effectiveness of marketing communications and branding within digital environments, competitive advertising and brand phonetics.
    Bio: https://daniels.du.edu/directory/ali-besharat/
    Note: Besharat will be unavailable Dec. 24-Jan. 2.

Holiday advertising

  • Gregory Wagner, teaching associate professor, is a 30-year veteran of the ad wars, serving as creative director at four D’Arcy and Leo Burnett’s offices in St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit and Denver. Wagner believes that creative advertising sells.
    Bio: https://daniels.du.edu/directory/gregory-wagner/
    Note: Wagner will be unavailable Nov. 28-Dec. 7.

Charitable donations, end-of-year giving/planning