We want to hear from you about the ethical dilemmas that take place everyday. Tell us your opinions and don’t forget to respect the opinions of others. (These situations may be fictional or emulated from real-life).

The boss calls an employee named Tom into his office. He tells Tom that he wants to sign a $10 million contract with a new client. The boss tells Tom that it doesn’t matter what he does as long as he can get that contract.
Tom starts by going online to stalk the client. He finds out everything he can about the client including where he lives as well as the fact he has a bread-winning horse. Tom then goes to the client’s house and knocks on the front door. The wife answers and Tom asks her if he could take a picture of her horse. He claims it’s the most beautiful horse he has ever seen and he would be honored to photograph the animal. The wife feels respected and allows Tom to take the photograph. Tom returns a few days later and gives the developed photo to the wife as a gift.
Later Tom finds out the client has a son that plays in little league. He decides to enroll his own son to play on the same team. During one of the little league games Tom “coincidentally” runs into the client and his wife. Tom acts amused and brings up the horse as a connecting point. Tom continues to talk with the client as they build a relationship and over time conversation turns to work. Tom is able to snag the $10 million deal for his boss.

Is this ethical?


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