It is the evening of Wednesday, October 12, 2011.  Our Executive MBA cohort is on the eve of our class trip to San Diego. It is a four day sailing adventure in which we will invariably find out much about ourselves, our fellow classmates, and how to build a great team based on our collective strengths. I would imagine that many in our cohort are feeling a predominate sensation of excitement, mixed with a healthy dose of wonder and apprehension about the days ahead.

One of the characteristics I quickly noticed about our cohort was our diversity. We are diverse in so many ways…ethnically, culturally, and diverse in terms of careers as well. This sailing trip will be a great test in learning how to effectively mold all of these different traits into a successful, cohesive unit.

I personally work as a firefighter in the Denver area. I can already see many parallels between the trip ahead and our crew functions at work. For the boat to move in the most efficient way possible, it will likely require an inordinate amount of teamwork and trust. I am hoping that I will find new ways of helping a team bond and operate seamlessly that I will then be able to apply upon returning to Denver. I am curious about what unforeseen opportunities and experiences await us as well.

Good night! More from San Diego!