University of Denver students now have access to a trove of opportunities to expand their professional and creative skills through the online LinkedIn Learning platform.

Home to more than 5,000 video courses in 13 different languages, the online platform offers certifications and instruction on a wide variety of business, technology and creative topics, enabling students to dive deeper into what they learn in the classroom and explore areas of interest outside of their majors.

There are hundreds of courses to explore, providing students another outlet to find and pursue their passions while at the University. With a flexible, self-guided approach, students can pick and choose which courses to take, when and where to take them and track their own progress.

Students can dive deep into several programming languages, learn the ins and outs of corporate and personal finance, or gain practical experience in graphic design and animation. There are cross-disciplinary topics like technology skills for social science majors and arts for math and science students. And with courses ranging from introductory to advanced, there is something for everyone to learn.

Whether it’s reviewing a particularly tricky topic before an exam or diving into a completely new field, students are able to utilize LinkedIn Learning’s courses to round out their educational experience.

Students can also pursue dozens of professional and academic certifications, offering chances to build up their resumes and helping them find jobs that align with their passions. For students with a dream job in mind already, the platform can suggest courses and skills that will prepare them to be standout candidates in their fields.

As in years past, faculty and staff continue to have access to the platform, which offers countless ways to develop and expand on their professional skills. Undergraduates studying in the Daniels College of Business also used the platform in the Daniels Professional Development Program, a series of three courses that guide students through crafting the perfect resume and cover letter to networking, professional branding and navigating the job and internship search process.

To access LinkedIn Learning’s online courses and certification programs, students and employees can visit and sign in with their DU email account.

Information on additional software and technology resources available to students, faculty and staff can be found on DU’s information and technology website. Career and Professional Development, housed in the Burwell Center for Career Achievement, provides on-campus career advising, resume writing, interview training and other resources to assist students and alumni in finding meaningful employment after graduation. The University’s Center for Professional Development also offers courses and certificate programs ranging from LSAT test prep classes to certificates in business development, coding and more.