Email has become an effective marketing tool for some companies. But when it comes to digital marketing, sending emails is just scratching the surface. Now that everyone’s email boxes have become overloaded with information, as well as spam, it’s lost its effectiveness as a marketing tool.

In our digital world, digital marketing has become so much more than email. It’s about finding the right digital tools to target a consumer base and provide them with messages that are valuable to them.

For companies looking for insight into how digital marketing works and how to best use it to build business, the University of Denver’s department of marketing at the Daniels College of Business is holding a Digital Marketing Summit. It’s a one day opportunity that brings together leaders in digital marketing and branding.

Michael Myers, a lecturer at the University of Denver will join 9NEWS anchor Gregg Moss on 9NEWS at 7 a.m. to explain more about the event on Oct. 17.

The fee to attend the event is $200. To learn more about it and find out how to register, visit the website: