KUSA –  Over the past few days, 9NEWS has been reporting on what’s known as the “holiday creep,” as big box retailers and department stores announce they will open on Thanksgiving.

So even before we carve up the turkey, some retailers are looking ahead to Christmas day. King Soopers may open some stores on that holiday.

9NEWS got a tip from a King Soopers employee, saying he would have to work Christmas Day. King Soopers spokeswoman, Kelly McGannon, says that Christmas hours and locations are still being determined. The decision, she says, will not be made until after Thanksgiving.

Finance professor Mac Clouse at the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver says if the grocery chain does open on Christmas day, it’s more about satisfying customers than making money.

“It’s hard to imagine that they’re going to get incredibly wealthy or [a] great increase in profits because now ‘I’m gonna go to King Soopers to buy that package of butter’ instead of going to 7-11 to buy that butter,” Clouse said.

Clouse wouldn’t expect the stores to be particularly busy on Christmas Day and says some who may not celebrate the holiday may not mind working. “[Some people] would rather be enticed by the fact they’re probably going to get time and a half on that day. It actually might be a nice thing for them to do if they didn’t care about Christmas. You can go to work. It’s not going to be a very busy and you’re going to make time and a half – so that’s great.”