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Amy PhillipsAre you, or your bosses, sitting on mountains of unorganized, under-utilized and unappreciated data? Do you wonder what strategic revelations are hidden under there?  You’re in luck, because on December 1 and 2, University of Denver data Guru Amy Phillips will instruct you how to glean more compelling and reliable business insights, simply by unlocking the secrets within your organization’s data. Free the data. Paint a picture. Drive your initiatives forward!

To learn more about Amy’s upcoming workshop visit: Becoming a Visual Organization: The Power of Data Storytelling. Here, Amy talks about the importance of transforming your organization’s data into the visual beauty of the 21st Century.


Question (Q):  What is the beauty of data visualization for organizations?

Amy Phillips (AP):  Some businesses have always been built on data. For others, the path to competitive advantage through data and analytics is a new one. In every organization, leadership support and involvement are key to setting more visual strategic directions. Data-driven business models using more sophisticated visualization techniques is the wave of the future. When data analytics are combined with an artistic vision, the results offer deep insights that enhance business intelligence.

Q:  Why is painting a picture with data a must considering today’s “glut” of data and information?

AP:  It feels like we’re all suffering from information overload. The good news is there’s an easy solution for that—using our eyes more.  Organizing information to identify patterns and connections and then painting visual pictures with that information, allows us to strategize using only the information that matters.

Q:  What is your favorite example of painting a more instructive pictures with data?

AP:  A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words…or 1,000 spreadsheets! I don’t have a favorite example, but a favorite resource for reviewing examples is: Tableau.  Because football recently started, you can find an interesting visualization on the “History of the NFL”…


Amy Phillips is a senior lecturer on information technology and electronic commerce for the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.  Click here to register for Becoming a Visual Organization: The Power of Data Storytelling