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cob-michael-maloofMichael Maloof (BSBA Finance, 2014, MBA Student) certainly made the most of his time at the University of Denver. He served as a board member for the Undergraduate Business Student Association. He received a Partners in Scholarship grant from the University to investigate the similarities and differences between the financial and social woes of Detroit, Michigan and Bilbao, Spain—for which he traveled to both places to conduct in-depth research. He also served as editor-in-chief of the Pioneer Business Review. Maloof will continue his education at Daniels in the MBA program beginning in the Fall 2014 Quarter.

The best part of his Daniels experience, Maloof says, was his participation in the Reiman Fund class, which gives students the opportunity to manage an equity portfolio of the $500,000 endowment established by Tom Marsico. “I learned an incredible amount during my involvement with the fund,” says Maloof, who is currently a transfer pricing intern for Deloitte in Denver. “It was exciting to be entrusted with such a big responsibility.” With his help, the portfolio outperformed the benchmark by one percent last quarter.

The College’s commitment to teaching ethics and character-driven leadership instilled in Maloof an appreciation for values-based business. “That has had a big influence on me as I think about where to focus my career,” he says. One day Maloof hopes to work in finance in Latin America and other emerging markets.

As he prepares to begin the next chapter of his Daniels journey as an MBA student, Maloof’s advice for those researching potential graduate business programs is to look at the whole package of the program’s educational investment. “Seek out a comfortable place that will challenge and reward you, and one that can offer you the academic and personal growth opportunities you are looking for,” he says. “Daniels was the best fit for me once I went through that same checklist. I am proud to be a Pioneer.”