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Today, I participated in a photo shoot for the Daniels Annual Report. It was cold and cloudy outside, but we had such a good time that we hardly noticed the weather! The other “models” included faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni. When we arrived, we set our things down inside and braved the elements together.  The director of the photo shoot was thrilled to see that we had all followed the instructions and were color-coordinated.  One of the faculty members had seen a clip on Oprah about how to look good in pictures, and she demonstrated the proper foot and hand placement (“This,” she told us, while demonstrating how to clasp our hands, “is called the ‘fig leaf.'”). We also practiced the face-relaxation skills we had learned from Toddlers and Tiaras. Apparently, we started to take our modeling duties a little too seriously, however; at one point, one of the photographers told me to “stop being so model-y”!


After the official pictures had been taken, we took a moment to honor the Denver Broncos (our second play-off game is tomorrow) by Tebowing as a group.  The director of the shoot even recruited a random student who was wearing a Broncos shirt to be in the picture! We decided that Tebowing together was an important way to ensure that we would win the game the next day (“It’s like a rain dance!  You have to do it together!”). We then celebrated our successful day of modeling by eating the delicious lunch from Bruegger’s Bagels that the communications department had provided for us.

If you are ever asked to participate in a Daniels shoot, I highly recommend taking the opportunity. You will get free food and an abs workout from laughing–as well as the chance to meet amazing people from all over the Daniels community. Snow and wind can’t stop the Daniels Pioneers from putting America’s Next Top Model to shame.  Watch out, Tyra!