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Daniels offers its graduate students many opportunities to expand not only their careers, but their minds. The Global Opportunities (GO) Program at Daniels gives students the chance to travel all over the world to work with high-profiled clients on exciting real-life business problems. From India to Thailand, Daniels has traveled to the end of the world with its students.

As an International MBA recent graduate, my degree required at least one experience abroad. In December I took a trip to Brazil and spent ten amazing days with fellow students and professors. One of the many things I took away from that experience was that I had to do it again before I left the halls of Daniels for good. Lucky for me, there was another opportunity in spring quarter of 2012 that really interested me. Not only would I get to work with the same client as I did in Brazil, Opera Software, but I could travel to somewhere I had not yet been – Scandinavia.

Opera Software is headquarted in Oslo, Norway which was home-base for our experience. In a place where the sun stays up until 11:30 pm only to rise again at 3:30am during summer months, 9 students and 2 faculty members took on the cities of Oslo, Gudvagen, and Bergen, Norway. There were two main components of our trip—company visits and the sight-seeing.

During the work week, we visited several high-profile companies like Nordea, Telenor, and the Norwegian Pension Fund. To our surprise, we ended up coming into contact with many influential people within these companies that are all Daniels Alumni.  The Norwegian Daniels Alumni were very gracious to our group. They attended our welcome dinner, put us in contact with other individuals at each business, and even hosted an Alumni reception for us which included a guest appearance by Barry White, the US Ambassador to Norway.

The second half of our trip focused on seeing the beauty of Norway. Our wonderful professor, Dr. Wittman, organized a trip that tourists often take while traveling in Norway – Norway in a Nutshell. This amazing experience allowed us to take a historic train ride, a ferry through the fjords, and stay the night in a Viking village.

Overall, the GO Oslo trip was a complete success. Each and every one of us had the time of our lives. Not only did we get to experience unrivaled beauty, but we had the opportunity to work closely with an amazing organization and visit with Norwegian alumni.