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danielspioneer-netimpactwinnersThe Daniels Net Impact Case Competition team finished third at nationals this past weekend on Saturday, February 21 and took home a $2,500 prize. Congratulations to graduate students Leeland Smith, Betsy Fischer, Christine McGarvey and Jacklyn Ward.

When asked what was the most valuable lesson learned from the experience, Christine McGarvey said: “The way our team carried ourselves outside of the presentation room was equally as important to how we performed in front of the judges and attendees. I am confident that the relationships we formed with MBA students from around the globe will continue to add value to our lives and careers. We felt incredibly proud to represent Daniels in such a positive light and look forward to participating for years to come.”

The Net Impact Case Competition started with 55 teams from various colleges around the world who were given a sustainability-focused business case problem. The teams had to come up with a creative, sustainable and financially feasible solution to that problem. The Daniels Net Impact Team advanced to the second round with 25 others for another competition which took place in Boulder. Daniels moved forward to the finals in the top 5 on Saturday afternoon and ended up placing third. The group beat two other teams from Dartmouth, one team from MIT and several other top tier business school students. The winning team was from Haas (UC Berkeley) and second place went to one of the two teams from Sloan (MIT).

Case competitions are a great way for students to utilize what is learned in the classroom and be able to apply and showcase that knowledge outside of the classroom. Jacklyn Ward shared her thoughts on the assessment of NIC Competition. “The NIC Competition is known to be the premiere MBA competition focused on solving real world sustainability cases, and our group saw the NICC as an excellent opportunity to put our skills to use in a competitive environment. Daniels teaches us the importance of real-world application, and case competitions, such as the NICC, are fantastic ways to hone and showcase the skills learned in the classroom.”