To celebrate the start of the 2019–20 academic year, Daniels faculty and staff gathered Wednesday, Sept. 18, to recognize members of the community for years of service to the College.

John Thunen, assistant dean of finance, kicked off the event by welcoming new faculty and staff to Daniels; acknowledging Endowed Professor of International Executive Education and Professor of Finance Ron Rizzuto for his Lifetime Achievement Award; and introducing Daniels’ new dean, Vivek Choudhury.

“The landscape of higher education and business education is undergoing some transformation,” Choudhury said. “And in some cases that may cause some consternation. But to me that makes it an exciting time. I think this will be a fun journey and I am really looking forward to it because I’ll have all of you with me.”

Following Dean Choudhury’s remarks, Thunen announced the following faculty and staff who have contributed 5–30 years of service to Daniels:

Five years of service:
Ryan Casey
JP Tremblay
Sung Soo Kim

10 years of service:
Gary Farmer
Andy Sherbo
Dan Baack

15 years of service:
Corey Ciocchetti
Kerry Plemmons

20 years of service:
Paul Olk

30 years of service:
John Holcomb
Don Bacon
Douglas Allen

Five years of service:
Ashley Mercer
McKenzie Mohler
Lauren Sepulveda
Marty Neary

10 years of service:
Tricia McBride
Stacy Moore

20 years of service:
Susan Harries

“We have exceptionally dedicated faculty and staff at Daniels,” Choudhury said, wrapping up the celebration. “Let’s have a great year together.”