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Stephen HaagIn an effort to strengthen the College-wide culture of student assessment, the Daniels College of Business has appointed a new director of assurance of learning, Dr. Stephen Haag. Dr. Haag assumed the position on September 1.

A newly created appointment, Dr. Haag will be responsible for coordinating the goal setting, identification and assessment of student learning measures. He will collaborate with faculty and a collegewide Assurance of Learning Committee to implement an action plan that assures students achieve positive learning outcomes.

Dr. Haag is a clinical professor in the Department of Business Information and Analytics. He will retain his teaching and faculty responsibilities in addition to serving as the director of assurance of learning. “I stepped forward to apply for this position because I was excited to help guide Daniels toward making improvements to help students succeed,” says Dr. Haag. “This role was created for a completely student-centric purpose, which is consistent with why I come to work each day.”

By December 15, all Daniels academic programs will have an assessment plan in place that describes each program, its learning and course outcomes, and how assessments will be conducted. Beginning in 2015, Dr. Haag will lead the evaluation of all assessment activities and identify necessary adjustments to improve assurance of learning activities at Daniels.

Dr. Haag says, “We believe that Daniels is already doing a good job of challenging students and creating learning experiences that are effective, but this is about formalizing and applying assessment methods more consistently.” “As a business college, we must practice what we preach. Continuous improvement processes are a part of any business, and they are a part of how we operate at Daniels. I’m very excited to help positively impact every academic program we offer and make the student experience the best it can be.”

To learn more about the assurance of learning activities at the Daniels College of Business, contact Dr. Haag at or 303.871.2596