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danielscareers-insidescoopWorking toward a master’s or bachelor’s degree is exciting. It is an excellent way to further your knowledge and create better career opportunities. For many people, returning to college means gaining prestige and more responsibility in the company they already work for. It can be rewarded with higher wages. While this is true for many students, others are facing a different reality. They may have been unemployed for some time, and are hoping to find employment by furthering their education.

Our counselors are often approached by students wondering how they can improve their business connections and create career options. There are a variety of solutions that open doors for those in need of gainful business relationships and job opportunities. Here are some suggestions:

Visit Job Fairs

Make the effort to attend several career or job fairs in your area. The media usually announces them in advance. Prepare properly by copying résumés, dressing appropriately and showing up early. Establish which companies are participating. Study their strengths and weaknesses as part of your strategy. Determine how to present yourself quickly but efficiently. Know which of your qualifications should be highlighted. Interviews by recruiters at job fairs are brief, therefore, be firm and determined. Leave an impression to avoid becoming another face in the crowd. Once the fair is over, consider the following actions:

  • Mail thank-you notes.
  • Connect with recruiters online.
  • Send a résumé with a cover letter to potential employers.

Revisit Old Connections

It may have been a while since you last talked to old colleagues. That is the way it goes considering people get busy, move away and lose touch. Rekindle those connections and friendships. If you left the company on good terms, maybe the owner might consider rehiring you. The request for highly-trained employees in demanding industries is growing steadily.

Talk to Students

Do not spend all your time studying in your room. Being social can pay off. College students who are already employed often know of job opportunities within their respective companies. They may be able to arrange job interviews with managers currently looking for personnel. If that is not an option, fellow classmates can at least offer contact information with their human resources department. You should also stay in touch with your new college friends after graduation – just in case a job opportunity presents itself later.

Develop a Strategy

Sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring is not going to land you a job. You need to create your own opportunities and keep working on improving yourself. Put together a strong action plan. Include some of the following:

  • You have to take charge.
  • Be adventurous.
  • Know your strengths and work on your weaknesses.
  • Be imaginative in your job search.
  • Improve your skills and knowledge.
  • Learn how to analyze job opportunities.
  • Boost your courage.
  • Understand that success is rarely instant.
  • Develop flexibility.

We know that no job is seldom perfect. You may face bothersome issues, but you shouldn’t pass up a brilliant career opportunity because of minor things you disagree with. Be flexible. Differences can probably be worked out once the employer realizes the value of your contributions to his or her company.