Ben Roueche wants to ensure he can become a leader in the technology field

Ben Roueche

Ben Roueche (BS 2023) has loved computers ever since he was a little boy, typing on a fake keyboard in his father’s lap while he worked. Following in his computer-programmer dad’s footsteps seemed like a natural path.

And, until recently, it was.

“I never would have expected to go into business and be where I am today,” Roueche said. “My 12-year-old self definitely had a different idea of where I was going.”

After graduating in June with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, Roueche is completing his final quarter of the Daniels College of Business master’s in management (MSM) program.

“I want to combine the worlds of computer science and business to make a positive impact on my community,” he said. “I see tech organizations as having one of the biggest influences on communities because of their money, their connections and the number of people working for them.”

Roueche hopes to eventually become either a chief technology officer or a chief executive officer of a tech company. He believes his Daniels management degree will help him achieve those goals. Even so, it took him a while to realize how a business degree would help his career.

‘Leveling up’ his bachelor’s degree

Like many kids, Roueche loved playing video games. But he was also curious how computers “created that magic.” That curiosity led him to attend a STEM-centric high school in Highlands Ranch.

While there, he took college-level software-development classes and worked in several tech internships. Both experiences solidified his decision to pursue a computer science degree at the University of Denver. An undergraduate leadership program and suggestions from fellow students and faculty led him to test the waters of business school.

A business analytics course made Roueche realize he wanted to expand his education beyond computers.

“That’s where I started pairing my studies in leadership with business and [thinking about] how I could make an impact on communities through business,” he said. He enrolled in one of Daniels’ 4+1 programs, which allow undergraduate students to begin a graduate degree and receive both in five years.

The college credits Roueche earned in high school put him ahead of the curve at DU. He was able to complete his bachelor of science degree quickly, simultaneously checking off multiple courses toward his MSM degree—which he will also finish ahead of schedule.

Throughout college, Roueche has broadened his experience through multiple internships. He was a desktop support specialist at both the home-project service company, Angi, and the Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology. At another internship, with Jacobs Engineering Group, he worked as a process analyst.

Currently, he’s a software-engineering intern with the startup Nextworld, a position he found through support from Daniels Career Services.

Bringing a diverse perspective to business and tech

Roueche credits the master’s in management program with helping him to learn more about himself and shape his core values. The Insights Discovery assessment all students take at the beginning of the program helped him to better understand how he shows up at work and how he can connect with others. “I think that’s the most important thing I learned,” he said, “that and how to learn about others.”

As he begins the fall quarter, Roueche is looking forward to meeting a new cohort of people at Daniels. He especially appreciates the opportunity to interact with classmates from diverse backgrounds and countries.

“It’s interesting to learn about their views of the world and their ways of leading,” he said.

Roueche’s perspective as a computer scientist has added additional diversity to the classroom. It’s a chance to apply his logical mindset to the program’s growth mindset, he said.

After graduating in December, Roueche plans to start his career as a software engineer. While applying for jobs in the industry, he has found that prospective employers see his master’s degree as a differentiator.  

Said Roueche: “They really appreciate that instead of just stopping at a computer science degree, I wanted to explore a different realm and learn more about the people side and how a business functions.”

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